What is the best way to deal with loneliness?

I think that if there is something we all suffer through is the feeling of loneliness, which is, to me and to most people, quite difficult to deal with. So if you have any advice, or if you just want to share something that makes you feel better when you're feeling down and lonely, please do share.


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  • There's always something unique about sharing it with a stranger. Someone who you won't need to look in the eyes on next Monday. Someone who doesn't know you and has no other perspective than the one you give them. The fact that you don't know each other and never will, creates a window of freedom to share the most intimate thoughts. Maybe not exactly looking for help or sympathy, but just for the simple fact that someone knows and won't judge you about it. You can create an emotional bond that would have been harder on person. And when you feel that the other knows some things about you that no one else does, it makes them a special person. And when you have a special person, you should no longer feel lonely, even if you're alone. 😋

    • The way you put it is very interesting... But aren't those moments fleeting? Like, you talk to that person and you tell them everything but then when you don't talk anymore, doesn't the feeling eventually come back? Doesn't the feeling always come back?

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    • Why would you stop talking in the first place?

    • I don't know... I mean you always talk, it's just loneliness is quite tricky. It just gets you sometimes and you kind of have to accept it.

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  • Talk to anyone and get advice. I usually just watch something happy or try and stay productive. Listening to music is also soothing. 🙂 I hope you feel better about everything. Everything gets better 💗


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  • Talk to anyone
    You'll feel better

  • Talking to a friend or someone you know or is willing to help makes me feel a bit better.


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