Why would a man act so badly to you if he's cheated?

Okay so my boyfriend of a year started to act very strange to me stopped coming to see me that much , couldn't look at me in the eye at all and when he's with me just be pretty nasty like not cuddle me not really talk to me avoid all eye contact and bring up little things I did in past and keep telling me I slept with other people later I find out he's slept with someone else so I message him and he just blanked my text didn't even reply nothing. And I sent him a long nice text day before , before I new and he didn't even reply to the nice text. Why is this? Also he kept calling me desperate and I go out looking for men when I go club.


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  • He has a guilty conscious and he's trying to make his infidelity your fault


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  • It sounds like he's feeling guilty and trying to project his faults onto you due to what he did.

    Classic case of a cheater: blame the victim to make the individual feel better.

    Please tell me that you're not with this scum..