What should I do about this?

At first beginning of our relationship we used to spend a lot of time together but now it's different. At first it was a couple days then it's a week and a half then it's a couple a weeks now it's months. I'm afraid he's losing interest in me. We are only 20 minutes away from each other. He's always claiming he's busy but never tells me exactly what he's been doing. I'm 21 and he's 30. I don't have a car. It's been a month since I last saw him.


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  • Ouch... that definitely doesn't sound good, chica. Either you:

    1) Wait for him to contact u again (but honestly you might be waiting for nothing)

    2) I know it's hard, but move on with your life, concentrate on yourself and be with someone new.

    3) Stop depending on him to make the first move and contact him already.


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  • He is either losing interest OR (most likely) cheating on you/interested in someone else. I would definitely have a sit down talk with him. He could be truly busy with a job... but he should have good reasons other then "I'm busy".

  • He's definitely lost interest. Let him go sweetheart.