If tied lots of balloons to my car and it was very windy that day would my far fly?

I have 99 balloons would this cause my car to fly

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my car weighs 500lbs


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  • Of course. That's how I get mine to fly.


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  • No, it wouldn't fly with just 99 balloons.
    I don't know what kinda car you have but according to google, an average car weighs around 2 tons (or 4,000 pounds).
    1 liter of helium can lift 1 gram of matter.
    An average balloon can hold 14 liters of helium.
    Thus: 2 tons = 2,000,000 gram
    2,000,000/14 = 142,857.142857
    In order to make your car fly, you'd need around 142,858 balloons filled with helium. If you wanna make sure you've got enough, just use 143,000.
    And in case you were wondering:
    The price for 1,000 cubic feet of helium is currently around 95 US dollars (data from 2014, might be a little higher now).
    2,000,000 liters = 2,000 cubic meters
    2,000 cubic meters = 70,629.33 cubic feet
    Let's round that up to 70,630 cubic feet.
    70,630/1,000 = 70.63
    70.63x90 = 6,709.85
    The helium to lift your car off the ground and let it fly away would cost you around 6,710 US dollars.


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