My leg got hurt I'm scared?

I got a bleeding wound on the back of my leg, (like right above my heel). I was wearing shoes without socks.

It was bleeding so much there was blood till my heel. My mom took a ear bud, put some anticeptic, and cleaned the wound. Then she put a little more, and put a band-aid on top.

This morning, I could see blood through my band-aid, and when I put a bandage on top of it, there was blood on the bandage. I'm scared. Did it not stop bleeding or something? I've heard of things where a wound gets spread and then the leg has to be cut off so I know this is something to be concerned about.


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  • It is normal for it to bleed a bit after cleaning and dressing. In order for it to ever get bad enough to need to be amputated you will have to be negligent enough to let it get crazy infected. Keep an eye on it, keep it clean and you should be fine. If it gets infected see a doctor and get a prescription antibiotic to help.

  • I'm no doctor but almost certain you won't need your leg cut off. You should be fine. Safest way is to check a doctor. You might want to check if you are anemic, but it's normal for a slightly deep cut like this to bleed through the bandages a bit. The only thing I think you normally have to worry about with a cut that could lead to something drastic like amputation is a serious infection.

  • it will heal fast my friend you will be ok


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