How'd you feel if your crush uploaded a new shirtless pic every day or every alternate days on instagram?

Be honest

Forgot to mention, those shirtless pics he uploading would be hot.


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  • I'll love it, especially if he was jacked 😍
    I'll be feeling butterflies in my stomach every time... but let's be honest, posting everyday is a bit too much, come on doesn't he have anything better to do?


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  • I would probably be happy lol, nothing wrong with appreciating your crushes physique.

  • I would think he's got a bit of an ego, or ego problem. I mean, I love myself too, but posting a pic every day is a lot. It's vanity at its best, and the only reason I could think to do that, is because he wants the constant attention and is probably fulfilling that ego need in likes, comments, maybe something he doesn't feel he gets enough of outside the computer world.

    • Well what if you know he does get all outside ig too? Lol what if he goes in your same school

    • To me, it's still an ego issue. If he knows he's attractive, why does he constantly need to post... that need, that desire for constant attention and physical affirmations is someone who really can't seem to love themselves enough and needs everyone else to do it for them. He's looking for validation of worth based on his looks.

    • Nope, Tbh he's trying to show how jacked and hot he looks shirtless and yea attention but not ego thing lol

  • I'd be disappointed and a little turned off. That kind of behavior makes you look conceited, not sexy or desirable. The last thing I would want is to date someone who is full of themselves.

    • Last thing I'd want in someone I am gonna date is someone thinking being proud is cocky ha

    • You can be proud without being a show off. There's this thing called humility, you see.

    • Yea I don't have Aline doe so :-p

  • Well, it's whatever floats their goat.. so... I have no say, even if I didn't want other girls to oogle my crush... :)

  • I would thinking why did I ever fall for someone so vain and cliched as a shirtless picture poster.

  • Unfollow him.
    I don't like seeing those pics.

    • 1. That shows that he is different than me. (Into attention, shows off body , probably talks to too many girls, no similarity in terms of values?)

      2. I don't like seeing those kind of pics on my feed/home page.

    • Oh so you'd judge hum for that

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