I don't know if I was cheated on or not, still asking myself after the break up?

We dated for 11 months. During the summer, he had a internship and hung out with girls which was weird for me. I guess i lost trust in him. I started accusing him of cheating even though he said he didn't or wouldn't. Well he started his senior year. We don't go to the same school anymore. He just was a bit distant and i just thought the worst. I went on his phone and saw a message from this girl who has a bad reputation. And i didn't read it but i confronted him over text. Since he told me she flirted with his friends. And he told me that she was being friendly to him as well. He said she only messaged him once and she would talk to him at school. I asked for how long. He said for several weeks. I told him that those girls didn't respect relationships. He said they would often talk about me in the first place and how i shouldn't be flustered by such women. That perhaps she just wanted guy friends. Well I let that go but he would often choose his friends over me etc. We argued often until we just broke up. It was too toxic. And later after the break up i find out him and his friend (who the girl flirts with) are hanging out with her 2 friends all the time during the weekend. He has been hanging out with her and that friend and her friends often. I haven't heard of him hanging out with her alone but I don't know. I don't know if he did cheat on me or what

He did ask my friend about me with his friends. He asked if i was hurt or mad about the break up and if i told her about the conspiracy theory (which was me thinking he was cheating on me)? and she told him that yes but that she didn't think he would and she was rooting for him. She said that he thanked her for believing in him. His friend remarked that he wished that my ex did cheat on me. I told her it was bs but she said that she saw it in his eyes. I don't know
SO the girl i was worried about with my ex got back together with her ex boyfriend (my friend). SO does that mean she had nothing with my ex or what? After all when she would hang out with him and his friend she would let my fuy friend/her ex know about it.


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  • Why do you care? It's over right? Then let the past go.

    • The thing is that it will drive me crazy. If i was wrong, I'd feel really bad for not believing him. And if i was right, i would feel better and not remain stuck for him. I would be able to move on.

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    • Thank you. I hope I learn how to heal

    • Thanks for MHO


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  • He probably cheated

    • Can you explain why you believe that?

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    • Yes it totally helped. especially knowing that my friend got back with her meaning there is nothing that will happen or did

    • Good luck with future relationships

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  • You won't know and even if he did he'd still deny it right, it sucks I know but you have to move on and stop thinking about it. Most importantly don't settle for someone who makes you feel less, but also don't expect too much as soon as you get into a relationship, people are different especially men and women, we aren't mind readers so we have to literally communicate with words.

    • Yes but the thing is that i would know because my friend is part of that group. I told her not to tell me anymore about him hanging out with the girls. And that at the end of the school year she could tell me if i was right or wrong.

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    • Also maybe throw in an apology knowing where you were wrong in always confusing her. :)

    • I texted her telling her i was a shitty friend. She hasn't responded. Oh well! She is probably tired of me