Is this anything to go by or completely unreliable?

Ok so I haven't been feeling right for a while. One minute im feeling happy and jolly, the next minute I'm so depressed I don't wanna do anything. It's like when I'm at my peak of happiness I find a reason for me to start worrying about something in order to destroy it. Anyways, do you think this website is reliable in any way?

From my answers it says I have major depression and anxiety disorder, im concerned as I do get really anxious about things. I cry uncontrollably and hate facing anything which makes me feel conflicted or anxious. Should I be concerned? :/

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  • No, it's just a guide and can't provide an accurate diagnosis
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When I get really upset I've found I also scratch or dig my nails (they're short) into my arms or legs. Don't think I'd ever go beyond that but it takes away some of the focus from the emotions I'm experiencing.


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  • You sound like you're displaying some bipolar symptoms, especially with the rapid mood changes. Also anxiety usually goes hand in hand with this. It's risking relying on our opinions or a questionnaire, as we can't see or know all of your symptoms.
    If you feel like this is affecting your everyday decisions then i'd advise you to consult a doctor, who can refer you to the right people.