What does this dream mean?

Last few weeks I've been having a strange dream that me and my husband were walking in our flied I find a human skull at the edge of our field. Then a coyote chases me through the field. I know that most dreams mean stuff. I just wonder if this dream means anything. I never seen a coyote in my life. I never found a dead body just deer bones. I'm terrified of skeletons so I hope I never find one. It's also why I don't watch scary movies. Yesterday I tried to watch the Corpse Bride movie I do love Johnny Depp but I just couldn't stand it even though it was a cartoon it was still creepy I don't like skeletons. They freak me out. But this dream happened way before I watched the movie. I told my husband about it he said it probably doesn't mean anything but I think it does I haven't been able to sleep for a month. Even if he holds me or if we cuddle I still can't get sleep. We have a nightlight and we keep the hallway light on and sometimes the tv on. I've kept the tv on the last few nights. Especailly after watching that movie. Does this dream mean anything? How can I stop it and get to sleep?


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