Worst Day of Your Life?

I just had a bad day... finals start tomorrow, my hockey team lost to our rivals, my mom got food poisoning, and I chipped my tooth... again. Whats your worst day? Any stories you can share?


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  • I've had a number, but one that sticks out in memory: I had a girlfriend once who made an April Fool's joke sending me an e-mail saying she tested positive as being pregnant with my child.

    I'm hopelessly out of touch with the date, working in a research-intensive field. There have are often times where I didn't know what month it is, and sometimes not even what year. I just don't pay attention to dates and calendars, unless I have something very important scheduled that isn't like a weekly thing (I'm more aware if it's like "Tuesday" instead of what month it currently is).

    It seemed really odd to me because we were careful to use contraceptives, but I was overjoyed. What she didn't know about me was that I really wanted to have kids. I started dreaming about what to do, marrying her as soon as possible, getting an engagement ring, etc. I didn't really feel that strongly about this girlfriend (she was one of my early ones, and she was kind of needy), but her news made me feel much stronger about her. When I saw her after work that day, I told her we should celebrate, only for her to say "April Fools!".

    Then, embarrassingly, I just started sobbing and weeping like a girl (I don't do this often!). I think that elevated sense of what I thought was the happiest moment in my life to realizing it was just a joke was just so shocking. Then my girlfriend started crying even harder, and my girlfriend's sister was with us and she started scolding my girlfriend while comforting me at the same time. Then I tipped to wipe away the tears and say it's all right, but my girlfriend stormed out. And then she broke up with me, saying she felt like a horrible girlfriend, and that was the end of that.

    • There have are [There are], sorry.

    • Wow... thats awful! Sorry she did that to you!

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  • I don't remember
    i guess if i had one i would remember


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  • Hmm, hard choice. The day my wife died or the day my daughter was sexually assaulted.

    • Thats terrible, I'm sorry to hear that.

  • Probably when my grandmother was dying of ovarian cancer. We where keeping her in one part of our house. Then, one day my dad called us back to say good bye. By the time i got back there the only thing there was a cold body. I was 6/7 at the time.

  • a couple of days ago i lost a dear friend, he od'd, then i lost my job, then my car for an accident, AND girl i had a crush on


  • The worst time of my life was when I had constipation for 3 weeks. :(
    I was literally full of sh*t and I felt like my guts were gonna explode !


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