Boyfriend doesn't want a second dog right now - but I'm ready to go get one, today. This is a long one, but thoughts, experiences related? Anything?

Okay - so just a little history here. My partner and I have been together 3.5 years - we have 1 dog & 2 cats together since 2012. He knows I am very much an animal lover, even more so since we've dated with the power of social media, lol. With that being said - I have always always been a 2 dog person. I was never allowed during my upbringing - but as I have my own house now, I am ready for my second. We currently have a husky male - he is 1.25 years old. He spends quite a bit of time alone in the day while we are working. We do run our own business, so my partner goes home for an hour a day to hang with him, let him out of his crate etc. (He LOVES his crate, and has no issues staying in there for all those anti-craters out there.) But basically he is being crated regardless in the day because he has separation anxiety when we leave for long periods. Often allowing another dog into your home can really really help that - so this is just partial to why I want another. PLUS - he's a big boy, he loves all other dogs - and he just needs a friend - the cats come close but don't quite cut it. ANYWAYS - I've been trying for about 6mos, and everytime he says no. I am at the point, where because I have and do pay for ALL of OUR animals care/adoption & food generally - I don't really care about his opinion as much as maybe I should? I dont know. We live in a city for work, with no friends basically and nothing but time up here to train and hang with our dogs. As I dont want children for a few years to come, I wanted to have both of my dogs completely trained and adult by the time kids come. To him - I am fucking nuts, he says I may as well just start a rescue with 600 dogs blah blah. I really just wanted to be a 2 dog household. Financially is not a concern, nor is vetting, as my animals are insured. I have arranged a great dog sitter in our original home town which we do travel to often. It just makes sense to me & is not crazy. I'm out of room now. Thoughts/experiences?

Basically I want to know - is there ANYONE else out there who has semi forced another animal on your partner? I know he will be in love the moment he sees him, he's just kind of grumpy right now - prob cause it's all I've talked about for 3 days but anyyyywaaaayssss.


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  • Actually there seems to be way deeper lying issues and frankly you both seem childish and greatly lacking in communication.

    So what do you expect will happen when you make such a big decision despite his disapproval? You are asking for a big blow to your relationship. So you shouldn't "not care".

    On the other hand you talk. about you boyfriends disapproval but not about his reasoning and i fear that you never really talked about it.

    Keep in mind though: you live together and what happens to one of you also happens to the other. So if you just want. to ignore that instead of communicating and trying to deal that out you could very well break up right away, because that attitude will ultimatively destroy your relatioship earlier or later.


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  • I really wanted to get a second dog when our dog reached about a year old, however we didn't yet! I know to would be good company and what not, however the whole toilet training really took a toll on us, so we're waiting for another year, also to be honest we're both just really busy it's a miracle that our bub actually can stay inside for about 7 hours and be content, he use to be crate trained but out grew it and thankfully doesn't bite anything except him toys and sleep. I would say wait, because ultimately you don't want to do anything that would make him resent you, especially regarding an animals life, once you bring "it" home, he's not going to say take it back but it'll make him think you don't respect his wishes, because of course it'll take two people to care for it as you do with your other one and it'll basically force him.


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  • You should adopt from a rescue. I bet he'd give in if the dog had a sad past. You're saving a life!

    Anyway, yeah. I think you should go for it.

  • Tl;dr. Both parties that share a home and belongings need to agree on the added responsibility of a dog in the house. If you've laid out all your reasons and still can't get him to agree, you are unfortunately out of luck.