Best ways to study for exams?

leave your tips and tricks below. thanks


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  • I get the best marks one exams for which I studied by not only reading over the chapters that will be covered countless times and taking notes on them, but also answered questions that covered a large portion of the material.

    You can know and be familiar with the material super well from just reading it over, but your performance on the exam will depend much more on how well you're able to actually recall that information versus simply having already heard of it previously. Recalling information is something carried out by your brain when reading questions on the exam. Something done by literally repeating the protein synthesis through which these memories were stored in your neurons and hoping that their reconstructed state is carried out successfully as well as accurately.

    That's something we're actually covering in a chapter in one of my neurobiology courses this sem, but it's very true. The more you practice actively recalling the information without any cues or indicators provided by your notes/textbook, the better you'll perform on the actual exam.


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  • Firstly work out how many subjects you have to study for. Think about what you will need to spend more time studying and then devide the time you have to study up between the number of subjects. Plan your days out. So you study for so many hours then you take a break for lunch for how ever long then you spend so long studying before you next break etc etc. Remember while study is important you need to have some breaks to and they are just as important but have it planned. When you are studying take yourself away from distractions. So maybe up in your bedroom. Turn your phone off and don't have any form of social media open. Hope this helps.

    • Also it might help to wirte things down you are studying rather than just reading them.

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    • You are welcome. Planning it means you don't run out of time to study for some subjects and it also means you spend more time on the subjects that are harder for you. Also make sure you eat proper meals and don't skimp on meals because when you are hungry you can't work efficently. Everyone is like this.

    • Thank you for MHA.


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  • I'm very visual. i like mindmaps and highlighting and colour coding. i also stick post it notes around my entire home so i remember things during my day lol.

    creating summaries is also awesome, so like, turning a 10 page document into a one page doc of bullet points. VERY handy.


    ^I hope this helps.

    A lot of people look for a short cut.
    I hate to advise that because it doesn't work with everything.
    Dedication, Time, and Effort is key!

    Best wishes!
    You CAN do it!

  • Go the library and read over the study guide. For a couple of hours break and than study more. Sleep early and do this for a week. You will know everything.

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  • Flash cards... reading a lot of the stuff over and over