How do I stop this?

Everytime I start liking something like a TV show, book series, band. etc- doesn't matter what, and I have the slightest obsession with it, everything would be good for like 2 or 3 days, I can happily engage with what I like, but then slowly, I start remembering people that I don't like, who are remotely related to what I like and because of that, everytime I think of or look at something related to what I like, my brain automatically connects it back to the person. So if I look at something related to what I like, simultaneously, my brain brings up a thought of that person. This is ruining things for me. I can't like anything without this happening. Like I can't even have the slightest obsession. I don't know what to do. I CHANT be a normal teenager lmao.
I can't visit a therapist even though I want to, so asking here is the only way I can really get advice as to how to stop this and go back to liking things without thoughts of people I don't like, clouding me.

I've tried kids help phone but they're not much help.


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