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A girl and a guy has an agreement to have sex so a girl could have a child. The guy has agreed that he wouldn't interfere with the woman and her baby. He's basicslly just a sperm donor. When the baby is born, he tries to take her to court for split custody. Do you think this is wrong?_

  • The Girls. They made an agreement
    73% (8)70% (7)71% (15)Vote
  • The Guys. It's his child too, he has every right.
    27% (3)30% (3)29% (6)Vote
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  • They are both wrong. That child is going to become a battleground for them and that is nothing short of sickening.

  • The girl is right, but it's very unlikly that an guy would try to split custody in real life, impregnate an girl in a natural way without the need to take care of the child is an many guys dream.



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