Have you ever thought that you weren't good enough?

I've only been in one relationship. I have talked to guys but never the type that I was into. It seemed like the people that I wanted for myself, I never came across them. And the ones that came close enough to what I would want, well, they were never into me.

I finally settled with someone and although I care a lot about him, I wonder if I'm making the right decision. Info love him but sometimes love isn't everything. We are completely different. We grew up different lifestyles. I feel like I've been getting upset at him really quickly. Sometimes over the stupidest things. I'm just always such an angry person and I don't want to be. Sometimes I wonder am so angry with him and myself because he's not what I actually wanted for myself. I don't know but I feel like I wasn't good enough to find what I wanted and instead I'm settling for someone who thinks I'm the best thing in the world for him. I feel like such an stupid person for not feeling the same. I feel like I'm just not good enough for any one.

Has anyone else ever felt this way?


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  • That sounds so close to what I felt in my last relationship. I would just snap over stupid shit and wonder why.. Otherwise I felt like I just settled like I didn't feel that anyone else would come along. Eventually we split about 10 months ago. It was surprisingly uplifting. Now I feel a bit lonely and age doesn't help, but try to keep my mind on finding someone that will be as good for me as I am for her.

    • I think that's what happened with me. In the beginning I actually did like him, although I knew right away he wasn't really what I wanted. I think I fell in love but after so much that has happened I kind of feel like I am now settling. I'm not even sure if I am actually in love since I'm always thinking about if someone better comes along. It's crazy.

    • Yeah love and relationships is a crazy thing. Still trying to figure it out..


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  • I think an awful lot of people settle. The price of high standards is often being alone for an extended time. One way to look at this is whether it would be better to make the best of this relationship, knowing it's not really what you want, or risk trying to find one that is what you want, knowing it might be a long time coming, if ever. In any case, it's not your boyfriend's fault. He doesn't deserve to be picked on because of any of this.

  • I've actually never had a girlfriend... I've been told im attractive and im funny and what not, but i never seem to be the focal point of anyone's eyes. so i guess i'm just going to improve upon myself as much as i can with gym and experience and hope someone gets a shine to me!

  • I've felt so his way since high school. My life just kept taking turns for the worse and it wouldn't be fair to drag someone else into that. Even though though I'm getting things sorted out now, I just don't have anything going for me anymore. My body is a wreck, my job is nothing special, and I lost much of emotional side except for frustration, anger, and depression. The only thing I have to be prideful of now is that I'm keeping my problems to myself and not trying to bring anyone down.


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