What is the creepiest story you have ever heard?

I want a good creepy scary story to tell my friends while we are out camping. I am the only one out of all seven of us that can sit through human centipede, and other freaky horror films. They love to hear stories from me, and expect me to scare them. However lately I have not been able to come up with anything good. I just want some inspiration. You can type the story or send a link. Thanks.


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  • "Once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died, the end"(An unnamed genius)

    This story just terrifies me so much, I mean the fact that something can be so hideous that it actually kills people sends shivers down my spine. And when that something is a serial mass murderer who literally kills everyone, that is freaking scary. I had nightmares for weeks after I heard it retold by my hero, Patrick. Now that I'm older I am still terrified of it, because its truly a scary story.


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  • Growing up my grandparents lived in a very isolated little village far from any town. There was only one other house within a mile of theirs and if we went into town it was a thirty minute ride down a gravel road with tons of trees to get there.

    So my Mom would tease me with the scary stories she was told on the journey at my age. And the one that stands out is the one with the Golden Arm.

    If I remember correctly a couple in their teens is driving down "that same road" the car breaks down and they hear a tapping on the window. It is the tapping of the golden arm that was once the replacement arm of a war veteran but stolen from him. So now the arm goes around stealing other people's arms in hopes to replace the one of its original owner.


    I'm sure it doesn't sound to scary to you. Like most scary stories they are better told orally. Also the story was told to me in French which is my mother's native tongue. My grandmother used to get on to her that it was too scary for me.


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  • Google "top creepypastas". I GARAUNTEE you'll find your story there.

  • tell them about the human centipede... or about the movie, 'teeth'.


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