WHat is better to buy for computer file backup? a flash drive or an external hard drive?

I dont want it to take a day to have to wait while I copy and paste files form or into the flash drive/ hard drive.
I purchesed one tiny flash drive with 512 gb suposedly; but it doesn't work. on ebay.

is a hard drive that much faster to transfer files? do I have to make sure it comes with a power cable to to make it faster?


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  • A good quality 256GB SSD (flash drive) will cost a lot more than a similar capacity hard drive. If it is just for a backup the performance improvement of an SSD would be a complete waste so get yourself a couple of USB3 1TB hard drives and as @abc3643 said make two backups and keep one at another location such as a relations house.

    I am paranoid about security and so I made sure my backup drives have hardware encryption built in which is a feature I recommend to all.

    The cloud backup is also a good idea. CrashPlan and Carbonite are two of the better ones.


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  • A huge flash drive with lots of memory.


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  • External hard drive, if you want to back up your computer.
    A flash drive will do nothing compared to an external hard drive.

    • you mean in terms of speed? because there are some that have as much as 512 GB, assuming they work (not like the one I purchased).

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  • Speed has no relation to size.
    if you want speed, buy anything that is USB 3.0
    a 32gb 3.0 flash drive would be perfect

  • Flash, but purchase two flash drives in case one is destroyed.
    Also, consider storing in the cloud.