How do you know what you are in a relationship?

I met this girl this summer. However she lives in a different place. Somehow we still are cool and we keep in touch its been about 7 months but she never mentioned anything about dating. Im fine with that i dont even like lables Im just not sure what she sees us as. We flirt and laugh together a lot but i wish we could go deeper and want more so in her brain what are we? She has mentioned me meeting her parents and us hanging out this summer though? she's not even with me and im in college so theirs so many girls but i really like her that much i have flirted other girls and im open but my mind sort of stays with her but if we are just friends im thinking maybe i need to try harder with the girls i know or i could have the best of everything because she never said we are exclusive


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  • When you have a conversation with the other person involved and you both agree to be in a relationship. If the person doesn't have the emotional connection with you to tell you that they like you in some normal form of understandable communication then do they really like you enough to be in a relationship?

    • so your saying this girl I'm talking to doesn't want a relationship

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    • you could be right you know her better than I do, eventually If she like you enough she will, which is a pretty safe way to go. But for the duration of the relationship she will have the upper hand because technically she "chose" you. Some guys are okay with this some aren't I don't know. Good luck :)

    • yeah its sucks but as a guy no matter how good you are girls choose you not the other way around

  • for me it's very clear. ask me to be yours, and if i say yes, I'm yours. it's that simple. if that hasn't happened, even if it's 5 years, we are not in a relationship.


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  • I'll ask her and if she says yes then we are if not then we aren't.