The prophet Daniel question?

How did Daniel influence people in biblical history. What are some examples I can use in my essay?


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  • The story of Daniel and the Lions' Den is a good example, also one of my favorite Bible stories. (Don't quote me on this) I think he was imprisoned because of his faith by some Persian leader while another Persian leader wanted him to stay alive because Daniel was his friend. The Persian leader (I think...) prayed to the Jewish God (Yahweh) and God answered by sparing Daniel. Because of the faith that the Persian leader had in Daniel's God influenced other people that his god answers peoples' prayers rather than that of the Persian god/s. Again, I am not 100% if this is how the story goes so I would look it up if possible to make sure that this is true. It has been a while since I've read the Old Testament so my bible knowledge is a little rusty.


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  • Daniel had a dream in Chapter 7 of four beasts rising out of the sea, that represented four kingdoms that would take place upon the earth throughout history. They were Babylon, the Medo-Persian empire, the Grecian empire of Alexander the Great, and the Roman empire. So he made that important prophecy of what was to come.

    Daniel was also told by God that knowledge of the end times would be sealed *until* the end times. The Book of Daniel contains important clues concerning the end of days, with Daniel mentioning that he "heard, but understood not." This means Daniel was given information pertaining to the end times but he didn't understand it, he was not meant to. Only we were in this modern age, when knowledge has increased.


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