What do you think of my idea for a doll franchise called, "Lads & Lasses"?

It would be similar to the Barbie franchise, but more mataure. It would also have a lead couple with the guy having brown hair and the girl having natural blonde hair. The dolls themselves would be more poseable as well. Unlike the characters from Barbie that are slender, the ones in L&L would be both males with nice muscle tone and the females with nice curves.

The outfits would mostly be classy and sexy. Instead of the vehicles being all pink and girly, the vehicles in L&L would include Mercedes Benz's and BMWs, Range Rovers, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, Harleys and sportbikes, etc. There would be a broad range of different characters, most of which are friends of the lead guy and girl. One example of a playset would be a bar.


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  • You have to think about your target market. Dolls are usually played with by little girls and usually the mom goes and buys them the toy. So to sell a product with a playset as a bar would probably be controversial and moms' wouldn't buy the playset. Also little girls dont really know cars so a fancy car with no label is enough for them.


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  • Sounds good. but Lads & Lasses sounds really country.

    • What would you personally prefer?

    • I don't know. But since those dolls seem more mature and realer than Barbie, maybe Posh People or Fancy Figures. I don't know lol but something catchy and descriptive.

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  • Elephant in the room your idea is too mature for little children who play with dolls.