How can I help my boyfriend when he's feeling sad?

My boyfriend is 12 almost 13 his parents died when he was 8 he's been staying with his old brother he's not really nice to him. He said he's not feeling well he's been saying that all week. He said his stomach and his head hurts. He feels warm he's going to the doctor this afternoon but he doesn't want to. He said he doesn't feel like getting up. He got up at 8 yesterday and was up all day until midnight. He's not a morning person. He sleeps in till noon or 1 everyday sometimes even 2. I told him he can sleep all day tomorrow if he wants. Now he's saying his feet and his back hurt. He had another bad dream last night too he couldn't sleep at all. He has nightmares almost every night. He doesn't like sleeping alone so I go over to his house and sleep with him or he stays at my house. I'm straying with him this week. How can I help him feel better?


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  • You're 18 - 24 and your boyfriend is 12. Sure.


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  • you just reassure him that it's just a dream. dreams aren't real. obviously his 13 year old cousin isn't and can't get married for several years.