Does anyone remember this unsolved murder?

I was given an assignment in high school to research a book on an unsolved murder, and I just remembered something about the book I chose, but I can't remember what their names were. I know the girl had a really typical name, like Karen or something, and she worked in some business and her charismatic boyfriend was one suspect (Will, or Bob or Bill, or something like that) and the other was her boss. They were both arrested and imprisoned at different times, and I think the boss was given a life sentence. The lady was found in the back of her suv, and her two kids were never found. Does anyone remember this? I can't find any information on it.


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  • No, I don't remember. I remember a case that happened here in Brazil in 2010, a famous football goalkeeper called Bruno apparently killed her ex girlfriend, there were strong evidences against him, but the body was never found. The juri found guilty though.


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  • Sounds like a very standard, very common, murder case, actually. As in, there are probably hundreds of cases just like it. No unique details.

    • I think the particular combination of details is specific enough... 2 kids charismatic boyfriend, scary boss, both imprisoned at different times, suv... Yes they are common elements of a murder case, but I'm sure all of them together don't happen very often. And I at least remember something about the names.

    • I mean... I follow a lot of murder cases (I find that stuff interesting) but there are a LOT of cases with those elements so I can't remember that one specifically. Do you know what city it happened in? Or year?

    • No. Only that it was a fairly old book, and I was reading it in 2011

  • Nope. But I watch a lot of tv shows about tons of other unsolved cases if you want to look into another. Haha

    • Lol that's ok. I'll stick to going crazy over the one...