Why does it bother people that I don't smile or get emotional?

Strangers (mostly men) make comments on how I should smile. Men who I have talked to have said the same. I mean I either stay silent after such a remark, roll my eyes or just tell them I don't owe them shit. Men always tell me I show no emotion. That I never talk about my feelings. That I'm extremely cold and careless. I'm never rude to these men, unless they say something rude to me. I just show them no emotion. Girls will even tell me this. Well the ones I been friends with. They always complain about how I don't talk to them about my life and secrets etc.
the only people I show emotions to are my family and to a man who I truly care about. Why do so many people care that I don't show them affection or a lot of attention? I find it weird and narcissistic of them, that they care so much.


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  • I know exactly what you mean! It's annoying when other people want you to be a certain way for their benefit. Then complain when you don't comply.. I say live and let live.

    • Right? Why should I express myself how you want me to? To me it's just narcissism at its finest. It's all for their ego
      It bothers them so much when you don't do what they want you to do

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  • I know the feeling. You don't owe them anything, remember that.


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  • I'm very much the same, people think I'm sad or angry most of the time, but no, I'm just chillin and thinking about whatever's on my mind and doing whatever I'm doing at that moment, usually at work. I'm super cool and chill, not happy and cheery and bouncy and shit. I do smile naturally at a lot of girls and things that I find funny of course, but I don't do it for every person all the time. And it is very lame when someone tries to force me into the same mood they are in, especially when I can tell they are obviously drunk or on some pills and that's why they're so happy to begin with.


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