Okay , so is it tha important to go to church?

I come from a catholic family and back in the days when i was a kid every to Sunday my parents and i would go to church every Sunday but i have to be honest i didn't like church bc i didn't get it. For example every week the father would talk about different things i just never understood.

As the years went by my family got split parents got divorce and i stop going to church i did my first communion and all that , i'm 21 and i don't go to church but what i do is pray to god everynight but does not going to church a big deal?

Today is Sunday and like usual my dad and brother go to church and he ask me to go and i said no i don't need to go just with prayng to god im good , i don't need to show nobody im Catholic, anyways i never even understood church since i was small, i can just simply go to church with out having to go to mass and pray. The my dad said i was wrong bc god knows im not going and if i go he would see that i'm going and if i go i would understand it more. So seriously am i a bad person or my dad just right ,?


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  • but u can meet your future boyfriend there...

  • You are all idiots in my opinion but your dad is more of an idiot than you... good luck with life


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  • To be honest, I think religion is whatever you want to make of it.

    You will always have the people who take religion very seriously. Go to church as much as they can, confession, no meat on Fridays, etc. And that's fine.

    You will have the people who 'selectively' chose aspects. This could be choosing to go church or not like yourself, or it could be drinking alcohol and having meat on Fridays. And that's fine too.

    Honestly... everyone has different levels, and for a lot of people a belief is something inside of them. They connect with God how they can, a lot of people don't see the point in going every Sunday to sing with others in a cold church, but they do because they think they should. But how many of those people are still selecting aspects of their religion to suit their life?

    Have faith however you want, love.