Are speedos really illegal in france?

We are having a french trip to a water park near the north of france (i forgot where) but i admit im not that healthy, and our teacher said we HAVE to wear them. If they are "illegal" then fuck her, im wearing trunks.

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  • Certainly not illegal. Speedos are actually considered quite normal here in continental Europe while in America, many people think it's weird to wear them. Many men (especially men over the age of 40) including my own dad prefer to wear speedos. Personally, I also wear speedos when I go swimming (as in working out, not bathing). because they're just much more comfortable for this kind of activity. When you wear trunks, they constantly get in your way and you can't pick up speed. We also don't really consider speedos "revealing" or "gay" like some people in America do.

  • It's legal, it's actually very common in Europe

  • You have to wear brown pants.
    Hehheh... I should write that one down. I'm on a roll tonight.