Have you ever had a dream, that when you woke from it, you were deeply ashamed about what you were dreaming about?

I had a dream last night, and I am... well, simply put, I am not proud of the contents of the dream.
And, what was worse, despite not being proud of what I was dreaming about, there was such a sense of comfort in the dream, I desperately wanted to fall back alseep and back into that same dream, anyways.

So, have any of you felt this?
If you have, and you're comfortable with telling us about it, what was the content of the dream that you were ashamed of?
*This was not placed in 'sexual behavior' or a similar topic, for a reason. However, I do expect that most replies, if any come in, will be about more sexual dreams.*

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  • Yeah. I get where you're coming from. I dreamt about having sex with my ex. It's awkward because I'm in a relationship now and having sex dreams about your ex is kind of an issue. I know we didn't do anything in real life but it kind of makes me think whether or now my current relationship is working out.


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  • yup, once dreamt about having sex with a married man. he was entirely fictional though, didn't correlate with any real person i know. i felt bad after i woke up although it was kind of great dream

  • I dreamed just last night about my ex and the girl he cheated on me with and left me for, who I knew. I was so angry and wanted to fight them in my dream, though I rarely think of it anymore.


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  • Welcome to the human race. Dreams occur in the subconscious over which we have no control. I'd be serving life in prison or facing the death penalty for what I've 'done' in dreams, lol. I'm not at all ashamed because I'd never do things like that in my conscious state.

    • I didn't ask "am i fucked up?" or "am i a horrible person?" for what I dreamed. I don't need a lecture on how it is human nature, or on how it is our subconscious and we have no control. I know these things.
      But are you going to tell me, honestly, that if you had a wet dream featuring your own mother (not the dream I had that inspired this question, by the way, just something I am throwing out there), that, despite knowing it was just a dream, that you don't desire her, or anything else, you would not still feel at least a little ashamed at having that dream?

    • Sorry. Did you not ask whether others have had dreams that left them feeling ashamed after waking? Because that was the only question I addressed. I never called anyone Fk'd up or horrible. My reference to human nature and the subconscious origin of dreams was to explain why I feel no shame. Again, sorry.
      If I had dream-sex with my mother, my sister and the family dog in a foursome I would wake up with breathless relief that it was only a dream. . . but no shame. So, sorry.

  • It's not similar, but I have dreams sometimes about winning the lottery and wanting to go back to sleep. I also have dreams about going back to high school, which makes no sense because I graduated almost 20 years ago.