H1Z1 // Steam - help?

so I recently bought H1Z1 but my pc software couldn't handle the capacity of the game so i installed it on my sister's pc. Everything is working awesome in the game but since i installed it the fan is making more noise and one of the times i was playing and the computer shot down... now i dont know who makes more noise: the fan or my sister arguing with me for "braking her computer"

so please help, is the fan something to worry about or is it normal because of the game being so big

  • its normal
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  • the computing shutting down? call 911
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  • maybe clean the fan
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  • the pc is just trying to keep up with the game so its normal
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  • the computer is overheating... don't put a laptop on a bed and play a game.

    put something under it on each side so air can flow underneath.

    • btw: the fan spinning at high speed is normal for most newer games.

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    • okay thank you so much

    • no problem.. . =) hf n take care.

      add me on steam: sickzscents

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