He gets mad if I don't answer the phone?

My boyfriend gets mad if I don't answer the phone, when I call back he won't pick up. Its like my punishment for not answering. Well its ok if he doesn't because there is an explanation for it. My explanations aren't good enough. What up with that?


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  • Sounds controlling to me. Let him know you won't put up with it now before it gets worse.

    • I agree. I mean... that's kind of ridiculous. You're a grown woman; you have a life, and your phone isn't permanently attached to your hand. Tell him to get over it...

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  • This behaviour seems downright imature, you deserve respect as a person in your own right, not to be treated as a subject for punishment. You say he is your boyfriend at the moment, well if this is the way you are treated at this stage how would you be treated if it were a stage closer? Would the punishment be silent periods if you behaved out of the profile he sets for you?

    Could the punishment make a more serious change if you were living together? I don't think I need elaborate ...

    The childish way he behaves speaks volumes to me and the word insecurity occurs to me as well as another answerer - I feel there is one thing to do, move on. From what you reveal to us I think you deserve better and he does not deserve you at all.

  • It's a control thing - jedi mind trick he is trying to play on you. Yes, childish to say the least. Don't buy into it. The best thing you should do is just act normally like you are returning his call. If he doesn't call back, oh well. If he gets mad that you didn't pick up, just say you were busy and that he should leave a message and you will get back to him. Tell him to grow up.


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  • i believe this is called insecurity!

  • He's just trying to show you that no matter what he is ALWAYS going to be right and you are always going to be wrong. You really shouldn't put up with that sort of behavior.

  • I have the same issue. There have been times when I have called him and he don't answer but its ok but its like ww3 or I'm too busy