Is it really possible to stop loving someone? If so, how?

One time, I had this unrequited crush on this girl for 4 years!!! Seriously, from elementary to middle school. I stopped only because she moved to a different school. Now, I have this hopeless crush on this girl, whom I've known since kindergarten. I have absolutely no idea how she's affected me but I can't stop thinking about her. I can't stop thinking about everything about her. Like how gleaming her brown eyes are, how luscious her golden hair feels, how cherry red her lips are, how happy I feel inside when I see her charming smile, how soft and warm her hands feel. I yearn and think about her every night before I go to sleep. If only she knows how I feel about her... I just want to go up to her, hold her tightly, kiss her, and say, "I love you so much! Do you love me too?" I feel so miserable because I can't get her out of my mind. I wish that she would just notice me for once and simply smile at me.


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  • No. If you stop loving someone you never truly loved them to begin with.


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  • Loss of sparks in the relationship and staleness.