Clinton supporters: Do you support her based on policy or lady parts?

  • Based on policy
    0% (0)23% (3)14% (3)Vote
  • Based on lady parts
    11% (1)15% (2)14% (3)Vote
  • #FeelTheBern
    11% (1)15% (2)14% (3)Vote
  • I support rebublicans
    22% (2)15% (2)18% (4)Vote
  • I'm not from the US
    56% (5)32% (4)40% (9)Vote
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  • Interesting question.

    If a male candidate had her advantages, in terms of job experience, articulateness, policy expertise, etc., BUT also had her disadvantages--pragmatism verging on being boring, basically no charisma, apparently indestructible sheen of fakeness and calculation--would that male be successful? I doubt it. Probably less successful than O'Malley was.


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