My dad thinks I am lying about hitting a guard rail (to avoid getting myself in an accident) and thinks I hit something else? read below?

this is pissing me off so much because I never lie because I hate, hate, hate liars but I will try to calm down to explain the situation. On Wednesday I was driving myself to class and I was driving on a 55 mph highway and the lane next to me was going the opposite way at 55 mph and a driver of a large, white SUV was going the wrong way and was going to hit my small, Toyota scion. I hit the brakes as hard as I could and swerved out the way. At this point I am driving my car on the far, far left side of the road and there is a possibility I hit the metal guardrail. I didn't get out to check right away because I was late to class. Now my dad thinks I am lying and that I hit someone's car in the parking lot because he believes that there would've been more damage if I hit the metal railing at 55 mph. (the most damage my car has now is ripped off paint) that argument is invalid because I was not going 55 mph again I hit the brakes and swerved out of the way. I wish I was able to get a license plate number so that driver can have reckless driving on their record but it happened so fast.

I don't think he will say it to my face but something is telling me that he believes I am lying about almost getting in a head on collision for attention. I have a small car if that SUV hit me I would not be here and he does not sound upset that I almost got into what would have been an awful car accident. Literally the next day when I got home from school he got my mom to say that the school has security camera footage of me hitting someone's car and that I have a court date to get me to confess. That didn't work because I denied it right away and I asked to see the footage. He is still trying to get me to confess.


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  • "there is a POSSIBILITY I hit the metal guardrail"

    In other words you are admitting that you don't know if you hit the guardrail. I believe the part about the SUV and swerving out of the way. But I 100% agree that there would have been more damage if you hit a guardrail at that speed. Anything more than walking speed would have caused more than paint scratches. Even at walking speed it could cause some pretty serious scratches.

    I don't know where that damage came from. You might not have been in the car when it happened. But I just don't believe it came from the guardrail at a high speed. It could have happened anywhere, maybe in a parking lot, maybe at school. School parking lots are notorious for this kind of thing. Is there any other color paint on the car, like the color of paint form another car?

    • Not that I know of. I bought it from a private dealer and its dark blue the marks are a black color

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    • I don't I am going to claim it on my insurance thanks for the tip. And as for the video, that was a hypothetical video my parents made up to try and get me to confess to something I didn't do.

    • Oh, ok. Then you might try some rubbing compound on it. Try just a small spot at first, and see how it does. If it works then try the whole thing. Try picking the black off with a fingernail first. Some of it might flake off.

      Of course I haven't seen it. So it may be too much damage to rub out.


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  • This is why both of my vehicles are equipped with both forward and rear facing dash cameras. While it would have been nice if you got the tag number, unless there was some contact between the vehicles, the other driver would never be charged with anything without evidence, like a dash cam video. If you hit the guardrail, there should be paint rub from your car on the guardrail. The damage should also line up with the height of the guardrail Also, the fact that no one reported a hit and run in the school parking lot should be proof enough that didn't happen. Did you report the collision to law enforcement? If not, you could be guilty of hit and run, property damage only. ALWAYS report any collision to law enforcement, especially if the other driver flees. Don't let another driver talk you into just swapping insurance information and not calling the police. I was rear ended the Monday before Christmas and another driver who didn't hit me contributed to it. Because of the video from my rear camera, the police knew exactly how the collision occurred, and the girl who rear ended me because she was distracted by the other driver's reckless driving, avoided getting a ticket. They now have the evidence to charge that driver if they ever find him. I hope this helps. Good luck with your situation!

  • Dont give in to them, you know what really happened stick to your account. If anything they should confess they're lying

    • If the college really had video of it they would have shown you

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    • This is the first time they have ever done something like this

    • Ok. Just ignore it and see if it blows away.

  • Don't confess if you're telling the truth.

    • My parents tried to get me to confess by lying and saying I had a day in court because the university has footage of me hitting someone's car. That didn't work because I denied it right away and asked to see the footage. Plus the person who they said was going to be the judge I had to meet on my "court date", is retired.

  • There's a simple solution to this when you several brake the cars front end dips down and the rear end goes up so if you really did hit a guard rail the scrap should be point downward where if you hit a parked car the scrap should be level

    • The damage is on the lower part of the front fender. All the damage really is, is scraped off paint.

    • Doesn't mater where the damage is all that matters is the angle of the damage

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