Is tipping your esthetician required?

Like why? Why should I tip her for doing her job that I paid for already?


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  • No, tipping your esthetician/beautician is not required. I tip mine if she massages my scalp for a long time, has a clean and comfortable environment, and provides thorough knowledge if I have any questions. However, that's also because I've been going to her for years and she has always taken good care of me and my ridiculously thick hair which requires extra patience to trim. I also tip because I know that a lot of her income immediately goes towards rental and product expenses so that she can keep the place warm and toasty during the summer and cool during the winter. Also so that she can afford those costly hair products that my hair adores! No pressure though! It's not required.


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  • nah.

    i only tip when i get chill vibes, like this one pho place i eat at, I've gotten to know the owners pretty well, and they hook it up from time to time with like free eggrolls and shit. and the foods always on key and i swear i always have more noodles and meat than everyone else, so i always tip them.

    but tipping anyone else for doing their job? nahh lol. im not getting tipped to make/modify/enhance/optimize programs here, im just doing my job to the best of my ability. the customer fucking loves our quality, but we don't expect a tip for it. total customer satisfaction is simply good business.

  • The concept of tipping is quite ambiguous, really. I usually don't tip people for doing their job, unless they did something which goes beyond their duties to please me.

    • THANK YOU. I feel the same way! You're the only person I've heard share that same view! Why should someone be tipped for practicing BASIC CUSTOMER SERVICE? You are supposed to be friendly, helpful, and offer service because that is the nature of any successful business. I don't know why people expect monetary handouts for basic behavior that is expected and required at every job.

      I rarely tip unless the person was truly phenomenal and had an amazing vibe. Once I tipped a waitress 20 bucks lol but that is RARE.

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    • Exactly. I understand that some food industry positions only make an hourly wage of roughly $3.76 an hour but that's a decision that was agreed upon by an employee and they are responsible for bringing in satisfying income of their own, not me.

      I think it's different with a beautician because some of them own their own business and have to make rent each month and be able to afford enough to purchase expensive hair products that can be over $100 to share them with various people.

    • @Esplorare Waitresses make $2.13/hr which is just about enough to cover taxes. We agree to that wage BECAUSE the tipping system is in place. You actually think we'd agree to work for free?

      If you have an actual issue with the gratuity system, then don't go out to eat. But I know you're not gonna do that, so you just need to tell your servers that you're not gonna tip BEFORE they start serving you.

      For the record though, I also worked in a pizza place, and tipping for carryout orders is absolutely not required. The person who made your pizza was most likely a manager, and they make at least $9/hr with mandatory overtime (at least at Dominos that's how it is).

  • My experience with tipping is limited (rarely done in Belgium since "service is included")... but when in the USA I tipped hotel/restaurant/bar staff only. I would only have tipped a taxi driver I guess but we had a rental car :D
    I would never have tipped an esthetician if I'd have needed one :o

  • you mean like a hairdresser? i don't think tipping is ever "required" they have to earn it

  • I'm Aussie. Tipping is never required.


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  • What is that, a hairdresser? Yes I tip. I thought it was expected.

  • yea I tip...
    mainly cause I know she has less money than me which makes me feel bad
    she s doing a good job and is pleasant with me
    so I give it to her cs she deserves it.
    also when you tip them they like you more and take care of you better.
    always be generous to people they ll pay it back in a way...

    • But their job is to take care of you...

    • they treat you better and do things extra
      massage your hands, feet
      bring me coffee and whatso
      give me priority for appointments and always manage to make me pass