Why do women " girls really" cut in line and think its okay?

Really, you wanna be equal. So maybe I should deck you like I would a guy.


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  • I fucking hate that, that's happened twice over the past two months. One night I was at a club waiting in line and some bitch cuts in front of me so I gave her the death glare and she had this intimidated look on her and eventually went to the back. Another time I was at a show waiting to get a drink and two girls did the same thing, they saw me give them a nasty look and asked "Is the line back there?" Bitch, it's clear we've all been waiting here, did you not see the 20 people standing in a row here?

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    • Yeah, being verbal about it better. For all guys reading this, don't put the pussy on the pedestal and let it slide, it's not going to get you laid. If women want equality, they need to learn equality.

    • haha, the guy behind me let them cut. They talked to him for like 3 seconds, after they got what they wanted. Not even a look.


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  • Because some of them have no manners? lol

  • I've never seen this. I'm from the UK, Brits are the experts of queuing.


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  • They used to do that in HS. I wouldn't let one do it now. I don't care that she's a female I got there first. She can wait.