Why do guys like to go missing... WHY?

I was talking to this dude that like me for a really long time. He finally had admitted to me that he likes me and stated all the reasons. However he said he cares about me with no reason which I don't believe him period. I always had told him that Im working a lot but I can make time for him. Well he stop speaking to me for like two weeks ago. This person has no job he living with his brother's family upstate working as a handy man. I have nothing wrong with that cause he wants a better job and I support him. I tried to contact him and he hasn't responded. Should I be offeneded that he really doesn't knowledge me in his life. He does get mad when I leave him for other people cause he the first to mention guys but he likes to do this to me. Also he told me he likes to drink a lot and fool with his exes but Im on his mind... Should I be jealous? I have a feeling that this is the end of us should I be concern? What should I do? Either way I come off I never win!


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  • Some guys will tell a girl they like them just so they can be physical with them. It is a form of lying and I know many guys do this.

  • on the missing part , I find personally gaps like this are normal for me , is girls I don't speak to on a regular basis and so only see from time to time. so to go a few weeks wouldn't be out of the ordinary for me. I find some people like to talk to someone a lot then then to back away and just want a break from them for a bit


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