Who believes in fate?

I am not a really spiritual person in life, not religious and I don't believe esoterical stuff. But, fate is a thing that keeps happening, to so many people that I wonder why is it. Is it real? I really don't know about that just wanted to know what other people thinks and if you have experienced a situation you call fate. Mine is the fact that I met my boyfriend, it was on a website and he was barely active when I had just registered, but when u go on the site you see the new users on the homepage, and their locations. So the only he reason he messaged me is because he happened to log in during the couple days my profile was on it and because of the city i wrote i lived in which was close to his (although it was not the real city i lived in but my mothers city since its bigger and recognizable). is it just hazard when these improbables things happen, lucky circumstances?


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  • Anything that occurs at any point in time can be considered your fate. The concept of fate is unfalsifiable and completely irrational.

    Consider rolling dice. Pick a number between 1 and 12. If you choose 7 and guess right, fate would suggest that it was your destiny to roll a 7 after calling it. And if you guess wrong, fate would suggest that it was your destiny to be wrong.

    In reality, it has nothing to do with fate. You had 6 combinations out of 36 possible to roll a 7. That's a 16.7% chance. There is no divine intervention, it's just probability.

    By virtue of living life, you are rolling proverbial dice for every decision you make.


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  • It's pure coincidence, even though it can seem 1 in a million there's a 7 billion people something that seems unlucky is bound to happen. I can't wrap my head around fate would even work. Sure you got that lucky chance of meeting your boyfriend but there's a million people who probably missed that opportunity.

  • I believe in Destiny. I think every soul has a predetermined path while living as a human on Planet Earth. Each soul can change this path anytime if he or she wants to, but the predetermined path is the best one because the predetermined path will allow the fastest spiritual growth in a lifetime.

  • there is a spiritual law, the easterners call it karma, you better become christian cause the force is real.


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