How to reach acceptance with my body?

So, I actually hate my body shape. It's not a weight issue ( although i think i could stand to lose 10-15 pounds) and i wish it was because at least weight is something you can change. My entire shape is just wrong though! I have very wide shoulders, chubby arms, yet tiny A cup boobs. I don't have much of a waist or butt, BUT my thighs are fat. I don't even have long legs, instead I have a long torso. Nothing I wear is flattering, plus I'm 5'9". I literally look so un-feminine. I struggle with the issue all the time and it's really killing my self confidence. Like I can't wear most pants without judging how fat and short my legs are, and i can't wear nice tops because of how flat chested and chubby my arms look.

Please help!


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  • Good point


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  • The best thing you can do is focus on the positive qualities, change what you can and ignore what you can't. You also need to realize that your body is only one small part of who you are and it is NOT the main reason someone is going to love you or not.
    It's incredibly difficult to do, it often takes time and experience (good and bad) to start appreciating what you've got. Good luck :)


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  • Yeah, I'm disproportionate too. Sucks but you're not alone.

  • Why being so insecure unnecessarily? You have everything better than an average female and many men :)


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