Black girls and white boys?

Do black girls love white boys


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  • Well as a black girl myself. My preference is pretty much white guys. The only problem is. It is hard trying to figure out which white guys like black girls.

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      HI...I'm a white male and I'm in love with a black girl...we've been dating for 3 years now and getting maried this summer. I don't think you should try and find out witch guy likes black girls but witch guy likes you. I think ( and I don't think I'm wrong) some white guys just want to have sex with a black girl once in there life. But there are nice guys like me everywhere ( I'm the best lol) Just be you and the rest will fallow. Ciao

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    • im a white guy and I love black girls

    • As a white guy who loves black girls we face the same problem #thestruggle

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  • So true )) I love white boys all boys at that haha I like boys of all races. I've always been more attracted to white boys though haha. It is really hard like other people have mentioned to find out which white boys like black girls especially where I live because I'm surrounded by white people all the time. It gets hard to be able to tell which one likes you, or just wants to try hooking up with you. I wish I knew a way of figuring it out : )

  • YES! I know TONS of black girls who are very attracted to white guys, myself being one of them. I can tell you that most black girls who like white boys don't show it because their afraid that white boys don't like them. Bottom line: we should not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character. If you like a girl regardless of their color, you should go for it. Yes, they may turn you down but really, you would be surprised at how many black girls love white boys.

  • I'm black.... I don't have a preference.... As long as your a good man..... It doesn't matter.... Just like any other relationship you have to be attractive and cool as hell.... Willing to except your partner flaws and all...I do know that interracial relationships maybe a little harder than most, but that should make your bond that much tighter....Anyways I just think women love men good men...Lol... No matter what color they are.... Well at least I do!!!!!

  • I sure do!I love all races!

    I just love guys in general,if you know how to treat a lady,and your cute then I probably have my eyes on you. I used to actually only like white boys and black boys,but then I realized I was stupid because anyone can have those qualities no madder what race you are!

    so yup.I LOVE them all!

  • I love white guys

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  • Idk about my friends but as far as I got I have liked Black girls since I was very very young boy. I just like the darker skin and darker hair and don't know why. but not like I wouldn;t date a white girl. Just not genrally as attracted to them.

    I read some girl that posted you like white guys but just don't know any white guys who would like you. That's how I feel about any girl who isn't white because guys have this image in theire head girls only like black guys. Least that's what it has seem as of late. And especially black girls. I remember this one black girl telling me one time she never messed with white guys because they didn't know how to handle her. I just think people speak for the group too much and not realize peole are individuals.

  • Looks like a question aimed at the girls, but I'm all for mixed couples. Let's continue until it's so normal that the question doesn't need to be asked and we don't even have a term for it. Sade, if you're listening, I'm here.

    • i'm white male I'm very very attracted to black girls

    • i have found that black girls are a lot less self centered and better listeners and generally click so well when you converse with them. they really listen. and being with a black girl has been so much more sensual too. I think we just connect better and don't know why. around here as soon as I see young beautiful ebony woman I get so aroused. This really isn't a new thing with me since the days of apalonia and vanity. shelia e. the cosby show. there is so much genuine sweet caring .white male

    • i don't know this thread thing so much so I am not disagreeing with anyone just clicking on arrows

  • Don't you think this would largely depend on the personal preference of the individual girl? You can make such blanket assumptions.

  • wow I love all these beautiful black ladies loving white guys!

    im very very attracted to black girls but had no idea this many of them felt that way about us!

    crazy but very cool... you girls rock!

  • Yes they do. I'm a white guy. I'm also one of the few that is smart AND built like a brick outhouse. I almost got engaged to one. We went our seperate ways because we were just too far away to make it work. She was a real sweety.

    I like the sweet ones but there is something about a black girl's confidence too. I think it's maybe when I look at the culture that it at least SEEMS like it's more masculine in nature so you have to have confidence or you'll get eaten alive out there.

    I do like the various skin tones and even the ones that seem almost white too. However there is something about one that is so black that she looks almost like a polished onyx stone. I don't like the "braids" or whatever they may be called, I love the jet black hair, I like the hair straight or maybe curly depending on her natural beauty. However if I like her, I won't say anything about the hair because I know she can look good when she wants to.

    I also like that some have such natural dark color on their lips that it contrasts with their skin color as if it's a natural lipstick that man can not copy.

    I like that a lot of them are into sports. I like that because it seems like white girls often are not but not always. Because of this, they seem more likely to be more of a companion than some distant individual that it would take an act of the Almighty to have anything in common with what so ever.

    I like white girls and all but most I find prefer to be distant, friends or teases. I have no time for such games.

    I find myself most often attracted to as a result, anyone with a skin tone different than my own. I often find such people interesting. I like Asian girls, they're nice unless they just fall into demonstrating that they have something about their personality that isn't very good then I just shut the door on them completely.

    The other thing is that I often meet a black girl that goes to church but is often more wild than some church going white girl. When I figure that out, I definately like that, because I know sex won't be an issue in a real relationship. Now if she's bi-polar or something like that though then that won't fly, I need a stable girl, a girl that's gonna help me through the rough stuff in life.

    As long as they play along and dress decent when around my family and understand my mom puts up a front, I don't care what she wears (more or less) when we are together.

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