Black girls and white boys?

Do black girls love white boys


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  • Well as a black girl myself. My preference is pretty much white guys. The only problem is. It is hard trying to figure out which white guys like black girls.

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      HI...I'm a white male and I'm in love with a black girl...we've been dating for 3 years now and getting maried this summer. I don't think you should try and find out witch guy likes black girls but witch guy likes you. I think ( and I don't think I'm wrong) some white guys just want to have sex with a black girl once in there life. But there are nice guys like me everywhere ( I'm the best lol) Just be you and the rest will fallow. Ciao

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      im a white guy and I love black girls

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      As a white guy who loves black girls we face the same problem #thestruggle