How to get rid of super clingy overly attached chick?

> same school
> Her family is friends with my family like really deep
> I know her from like when I was 6 but we never really talked that much
> I asked for her number like two months back and we started texting and going to school together but for like only three weeks. I picked her up and dropped her off too
> Made out twice but never had sex.
> We never talked about getting "together" but she called me babe and stuff.
> I still kept talking to her but never really took it to higher level.
> Ended it month ago like I straight out told her that I don't really like her that much.
> She went quiet for like one week but then started texting me again randomly and commenting on my Instagram calling me hun and stuff.
> Earlier today, She commented one big ass para on my last pic on IG about what she love about "us"
> I don't wanna tell my mom that because she didn't knew I was doing all that stuff with her.
> How to get rid of her and lay her off smooth and low?


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  • Act like a psycho/weirdo around her. Pick your nose, fart, spit while talking, scratch your ass, sneeze into your hands and then touch her face. Honestly you just gotta get creative it's not that hard really. Also block her on instagram and just stop respondin touch her texts. It's literally thay easy. And if she tells your mom just play the innocent card.

    • What innocent card? And yea first few things sounds like some would work mayne

    • Like you tell your mom she's lying and you have no idea what she's talking about. Duh.

    • Dang. Yea

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  • I dunno. I never been clingly like that. haha! Geez just tell her str8 leave me alone I don't like you. I won't change my mind. Leave me alone. I don't like you. I won't respond to your messages because I don't like you. I don't like you I'll never like you and thats finally. And stop worrying about what your mom will think. Gezz. This is why you don't go out with family friends. Nope I won't do it. Once family get involved its like telling the news your getting married none stop and they watch over you like crazy. I an't gonna trade my sanity for some guy hahah! No thanks!

    • Yea dude my mom have already had too many complaints about me, I still want my truck keys so

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    • Why? Because I am suppose to know that they'd go super psycho over me and plan our future marriage? Lol

    • Ugh what did you say?

  • You have to keep telling her there's nothing between you two. She'll have to take the hint eventually.
    Or start hanging out with other girls. Either way she'll catch on lol if she doesn't, she's stupid haha

    • Yea no shit she's stupid and I did told her that once but she came back

  • Post a picture of you and another girl on Instagram maybe? This sounds complicated because you don't want drama and you don't want to be mean!

    • I do have pics like that on it and yea that's why I can't think of wau to lay her low because she might tell her family and this thing might take whole another turn if mom find out about this so.

    • Maybe try sending her an accidental text to another girl on purpose you know? That should definitely give her the signal/sign that you're not into her!

    • .. what you mean

  • Just tell her that you want to be friends however she's pushing it a bit too far and others may think you're not available.

    • I was always "available" but this chick make it seem like I am with her

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  • 6 words

    You look fat in those pants

    • on a serious note, "I'm not interested in you and I don't like you" should be sufficient.

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    • whether she does or doesn't, you don't care.

      thats the main point.

      it's not your fault she's stupid

    • Yea I can just say in my defense that I never led her on lol but I did made out with her twice

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  • Ur gay and in love with your paki bro, tell her that

  • Tough situation bro. I don't know what to tel her. Block her or tell her to stfu