My SO wrecked my car, now what?

To put it straight a guy i have been seeing/dating/sexually active with drove into my car. He did some damage and now we have to get it straightened out with his insurance. He's seemed very good the whole time, like he hasn't tried to leave me alone with the situation. He's willing to pay if it's in his cost range, or go through his insurance. I of course had to be very open with my parents about the situation especially because i'm with their insurance and of course my dad has been very tough with this situation, because well, he's a dad. So i've been feeling very paranoid about this whole scenario. I had asked him if after all this is said and done that he'll want to see me again. He didn't answer. Then he said let's just get past this first thing first. This has all been really hard on me because i wished that it had never happened. I really really like this guy. I've been shy with him, but i'm slowly being able to open up to him. I've always been able to by myself around him. I'm just not sure that he's going to want to continue dating after all this is said and done. He's very affectionate when we are together, holds my hand when we go out in public, kisses me goodbye, hugs me, cuddles me a lot. The problem is we are an hour away from eachother. So what i'm asking you GAG is if you think that after this is all said and done (the situation) That he'll still continue wanting to date me?


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  • It's his fault, why take it out on you? He knows he has to fix it, so he shouldn't allow this to ruin your relationship so you guys should get past this and be ok


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  • It all depends on his merits as a person, which you don't fully know yet. Hang in there, it will manifest.