What's the weirdest/unusual thing you've ever collected?

I was kind of a weird kid (still weird tbh) and I used to collect soap and chapstick. My mom's friends would even bring me back the little hotel soaps from when they went on vacation because they know I liked them. So I'm just kinda curious if any of you used to/ or still have a weird collection of something.


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  • My old used condoms to remember good times.

    LOL, gross, Jk.

    The only things I've connected since my action figure days (as a young kid) are: shot glasses, books, video games, and movies.

  • Not really that weird, musical instruments especially guitars. I am up to about 37 guitars including electrics, acoustics, electric basses. I also have a couple of violins, violas, a cello and a bass. I also like drums and percussion, microphones, and have a few wind instruments.

    For non musical collections I collect Nike shoes.


What Girls Said 2

  • At first I couldn't think of anything but then it all came back to me. Wow. I was a freak hahah. So to start with (the worst one)... used toothbrushes in a McDonalds paper bag that I kept under the sink. Most of them were mine but some of them belonged to my family members'. I gave them personalities and everything. I forgot about them for YEARS and found them when I think I was a teenager and threw them all out. I collected plastic butterfly hair clips that my sister and I would get after we'd get hair cuts and also these plastic mini hangers (no clue what they were from) and pretended they were that Monkeys In A Barrel game. Then I also collected deer toys (like reindeer, and bambi, and rudolph) so that I could make a herd of deer. Oh god I'm remembering even more things. Books and movies of course but also I went through a phase of collecting rocks which my sister then picked up and became a HUGE rock collector as a kid. I also collected beanie babies, pokemon cards, pokemon figures, dinosaurs, baby dolls, Bratz dolls, cars, and I went through a bugs phase as well. One of the "popular" older girls in my class also liked catepillars and we ended up raising some (only to find out they were moths) and we were allowed to keep them in the classroom and release them when they hatched during class. We thought we were so cool being able to release the bugs we had painstakingly taken care of during class. It's funny, we spent a lot of time together raising our moths but we never really became friends. All we had in common was our moths.

    I'm surprised I wasn't bullied growing up.

    • Haha LOVE your answer!! :D thanks for sharing, (p. s. I collected rocks and beanie babies too)

  • When I was younger, I collected the different colored plastic tabs you pull from around the cap from milk, orange juice, etc container. It became a joke in my family to the point that they gave me a paper weight comprised of floating plastic tabs in resin. It was a sweet and funny gift.