Question limit: Daily or every 24 hours?

Does it bother anyone else that you have to literally wait 24 hours to ask questions?

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  • It's very annoying.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Doesn't bother me since I don't ask questions that often. My last question was like 2 weeks ago, lol. But I like how there's a limit on the amount of questions you can ask per day and that there's a waiting period once you've reached the limit. Keeps people from constantly asking nonsense or troll questions.

    • The limit exists both ways. One is more exact then the other.

      It bothers me because if I have a question and it's not at the same tine as yesterday question I have to wait. If it was daily as long as its the next day I can ask my new question

    • Ok I see. Yeah that sounds annoying. I thought everything just got reset at midnight, but I guess I was wrong.

  • I guess that helps filter the questions, so it's not that bad an idea.

  • Not at all why should it. 24 hrs or a day it's the same thing.

  • Im sure theyll fix that soon enough, but I dont really ask questions so it doesn't bother me.

  • Please tell me what is the difference between limiting it per day and keeping it limited to every 24hrs?

    24hrs = Day

    And I don't personally care it's always been this way they just decreased the amount more and depending on you xper level but I don't ask questions much anyway to begin with.

    • Daily means every day, but 24 means you gotta wait 24 hours to ask a question, while if it's daily you just gotta wait till the next day, you don't have to wait 24 hours, just till the clock hits 00:00.

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    • @AleDeEurope @qa

      Okay thanks for the explanation.

    • Yeah I'll say limit it per day because I did use to ask a lot of questions once to so I can understand the frustration. However they decreased the ability of people asking a lot of questions because many questions just ignored like ones when people are seeking advice while people costly leave opinions to random pointless ones.

What Guys Said 2

  • I prefer it. There are (were) people that asked pointless questions every day, like: do you like apples or oranges? What do you think of this song? Should I charge my phone or not?

    Sure, asking a silly question once in a while is fine, but there's people that do it every day, and it's freaking annoying. In the end those people aren't here to provide for the GAG community, they're just parasites getting xper points for the gift cards. They're GAG gold diggers.

  • 24 hours makes more sense, since everyone is on different time zones and people log on at different times anyway

    • What does time zones have to do with it?

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    • It can reset for each person daily based on their location.

      Not true about spamming. I can only ask 2 questions. If I have 3 to ask its not spamming to ask the 3rd the next ay and not literally 24 hours later.

      At the end of the day you can ask the same amount of questions per day, it only differs when in the day

    • Just two? I thought the limit was 5 or something. It's a lot more complicated to make it check everyone's timezone, and not everyone has even given their location, it could check the IP but still it's a faff for nothing I think. They could make it 22 hours though, so if the next day you go on gag a couple of hours earlier you can still ask more, and it would still work just as well to stop spamming