My exboyfriend is being an asshole Advice?

My ex and I broke up about three months ago because we were not getting along and we were always arguing. My ex did not handle our breakup well. Since we broke up he has been trying to my my life hell. When we first broke up he would not stop calling and texting me and I had to block his number on my phone. Also my ex started stalking me in the store (thinking I could not see him behind the counter) My ex is a complete asshole that wants attention. Every single fucking night my ex has been outside of my house playing our favoite song non stop as loud as he can in the neighborhood 2 in the morning. I have been getting complaints from the neighbor's and people around because they are upset that my ex is blasting his stereo. I told my ex that just because he is hot that no one really cares. So tonight my ex is being super annoying I don't know why. He first of all drove his loud ass motorcycle to my neighborhood and kept riding up and down the street reaving his engine and screaming my name. Now he is sitting outside of my house once again blasting his stereo and reaving his bike and screaming. It's 2 in the fucking morning. My neighbors are starting to call my house telling me to make him stop desturbing the neighborhood. I am sick of this with him Advice?


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  • it's called a restraining order. Actually just call the police first and file a complaint. They will talk to him and it gets it on record. You could also call his parents and let them know that he is harassing you and you'd like them to speak with him before you pursue legal action. Just know that this can be construed as an escalation and he may get violent. once you start this route be extra careful with your safety. Ignoring it and letting him act stupid will also not end well. He needs society to tell him this is not a mature thing to do.

    • oh and if your neighbor calls you, tell them to call the police... why are they calling you?

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  • Call the police and get a restraining order.

    For fuck's sake, he's harassing you. You have every right to get legal shit involved.


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  • Call the cops on him... Simple

  • 1. Call the cops
    2. tell ur parents
    3. Talk to him


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