Are you ok with the fact that as the time passes you will age , and will not be young and beautiful anymore?

Or you worry about it.
Or you just think that it will be like this forever. (An illusion though )
Or you just accepted that it will happen.

And finally you will die? Are you worried about death too?


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  • Never really thought about it. I just turned 40 last week, and I still feel young and beautiful. I'm sure one day I will look old, if I'm lucky enough to live that long. I'd like to think that I will be grateful for the life I've had to live, and won't care about my looks. I've nearly died several times. What you look like matters so much less than being fun, lovely, sweet, kind, intelligent and talented. And those are all things you can work towards regardless of one's age. Besides... beauty is subjective, anyhow.

    • Yeah that is what I think of acid attack or other accidents survivors. This how they must get inspiration to live.

    • I lost a good portion of the skin on my face when I was run over by a car as a child. My Dad sat by my bedside reading me stories until I came out of my coma. After that, he told me I was beautiful every day, even when I clearly could not have. But eventually I believed him.

  • It's not the most important thing in life♡

  • Yes, I am ok with it because it is normal. The only thing that I think is what can I do to look younger when I grow older. I am not worried about death. I am young and don't think of it :D

    • You don't think of it because you re young. At this age it feels like it is gonna be like this forever.

    • True. But I think when I grow older, I will try to enjoy my life and still not think of death, because it is something you don't have a control over. So why to waste time on thinking about something you can't plan, when you can devote that time to positive things happening to your life.

  • I think I honestly don't care.

    • Maybe because, at the time you re young. But you can't ignore the inevitability of time.

    • Yea but it just doesn't bother me and it won't bother me in the future. You're gonna age whether you like it or not so there's no point to even think or worry about it. That's why it doesn't bother me and that's why I couldn't care less

  • I think perma-youth culture is a problem. Yeah I occasionally worry about aging gracefully and the idea of like a sexual peak age that will end. But I also think it's ludicrous that we place so much value on youth. Looking older shouldn't necessarily mean someone isn't beautiful. Perma-youth is especially linked to sexism; women who look older are criticised for this way more than men. And older women in the media for example are hugely under-represented. There was the case a few years ago about the tv show Countryfile I think; where a host who was fired won a court case which convicted the show of age discrimination. They replaced her with a younger woman because of wanting to present a certain image. Which speaks volumes about how age is coded especially when it intersects with femininity.


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