I'm getting a tattoo any advice?

Im getting a tattoo today,
im 16.

Im getting a tattoo that says pieces on my inner forearm

I'm getting a tattoo any advice?
Like this but on my inner forearm
Im not really.. i am scared kinda but more excited
and im ready to do this

any advice?
things i should know? i know it won't feel good its a tattoo but
i think i could take it..

anything i should know?


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  • Bad idea since your only 16. I only say that because I remember when I was in high school. If you had tattoos you would get in trouble and had to cover it up. So I would honestly hold off until you graduate high school. That or put it in a place that can easily be covered.


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  • Wait until you are older. You are not going to be the same person 10 years from now. I waited before I got my tattoo and was glad I did. If I got all the tattoos I wanted to get at your age, I'd be buying a lot of concealer.

    • My mom said the same she wanted me to get it somewhere i could cover it up but i said i wanted the forearm

    • I would have regretted any tattoo I got at your age. My life and taste changed dramatically. What you think is cool now, you will more than likely regret when your older.

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  • Personally I think that words that big just seems bulky and out of place if you don't have a sleave or something like that :/ but it's your choice ^-^ and good luck with the pain xD they say that the inside of your forearm is the most painful place to get a tattoo

    • its one of the worst?
      i dont really handle pain too good but i was willng to get this

    • Yes the skin is really think there and there's a lot of nerves there as well. I know a guy who almost fainted when he tattooed a couple of stars there but it's a cool place to have a tattoo on c:

    • making me think twice lol

  • Add Reeces to the front

  • it's gonna hurt probably a lot so bring someone to distract you. why pieces though?

    • My mom got saggittarius or however you spell it tattoo on her
      and i want to get pieces on me
      the only reason she's letting me get it is because she got one

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    • well its my sign

    • ya, a sign you can't spell. Also you are getting it in huge blocky lettering on very thin skin... It just doesn't seem like a well thought out tattoo. I'd be more inclined to get www.google.ca/url or something like that with pisces written above it or something in smaller let blocky letters on like your upper arm shoulder area. It would hurt a lot less too

  • Don't be sad but it's trashy


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  • Take some pain medication

    • i heard once you shouldn't take ibuprofen