Are euorpeans actually worried about all the middle easterns migrating to euorpe?


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  • Yes, because Europeans are by and large extremely xenophobic. They don't even want any European immigrants.

    • Why. They will still be able to do all the things they did yesterday tonorrow lol. I know its their country but having diversity isint really a bad thing.

    • They think it is because they hate everyone.

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  • Well, the wars there were started by the US and the US must be very happy to see the refugees flooding the E. U.

    The US did it a first time in Yugoslavia, it flooded the E. U. with Kosovars.
    The US started their wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, now Syria.

    Don't tell me Washington did not expect all those wars would create refugees and don't tell me Washington did not know where all those refugees would flee to.

    What's bad for the E. U. is good for Wall Street. As simple as that.


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  • Well personally I'm glad that they used Hungary only as a means of transport and they don't want to stick around. I feel bad for Germany and Norway and Finland though.

  • Yup, here in Germany it is becoming a huge problem. Crime is out of control and in cities where people once felt safe they've increased police presence and people are afraid.