What is something you think was better when we were kids than it is now?

For me its food and tv shows. When I was growing up in the 90's and early 2000s I remember the cartoons and tv shows were better. We had cooler food choices like green ketchup, dunkaroos, surge and better candies because there was a lot of sour candies then.


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  • Cartoons. 😊

    • Hmmm.. being how old that you are, I wonder which cartoons you remember. Of course I am from a much more older period :)

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    • Gosh I don't recognize most of those names. :( I am from the era of Popeye the Sailor; Tom & Jerry; Pink Panther etc...

    • @HaveNoName I've watched those too.

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  • I can agree with you on the cartoons but not on the food!

    America's casual and fast food industry has made a significant step in quality of food, over being focused on being "cheap at all costs" like it was when we are kids.

    • The industry did make more money then

    • Inflation way higher than the increase in average pay is why. The food companies that are doing well are places like Wendy's and Panera Bread that serve premium food at premium prices, while companies like McDonald's are waning.

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  • The cartoons and Dunkaroos were awesome, for sure!

  • Things used to last longer.


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