Girls, how do you feel about guys with buzz cuts?

I have a number 1 buzz cute which is 1/8 of an inch. I have heard that a buzz cut will make you look more dominant and tough. Girls I know have also rubbed and felt my hair and said it feels really good. I grew up on a farm and when my brother and I were doing work buzz cuts were so much better and kept us clean. My sister always loved to feel our buzzcuts right after we got them. I had a girlfriend who loved to go up on my shoulders and feel my hair haha. How do you feel about buzz cuts? Do you like to fun them?

Do you like to rub them?* sorry


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  • I LOVE GUYS WITH BUZZ CUTS! I do the exact same thing with my boyfriend, I go up on his shoulders and rub his head. I am always rubbing his buzzcut!!

  • Not really my taste, but if I liked the guy then it's ok. He could do whatever he wanted with his hair. It's his body, but doesn't mean I might be attracted to him.