Have you ever felt like harming someone? Was it voluntary or involuntary?

I have OCD, so sometimes I get a nagging urge to do something bad to someone. I also have misophonia (hatred of certain sounds) so when I hear someone chewing out loud I feel like shooting them. These aren't voluntary, and I wish they would just stop. Luckily I have a strong will, so I definitely will not be acting on these anytime soon.


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  • Voluntary. Only when I'm forced to be around someone suffering from chronic assholeitis. Like when some moron on his loud pipe motorcycle liked to blast around my neighborhood. I wanted to swerve into him from the opposite lane, and then backup on whatever is left. Then unload a glock in his fat face, for good measure.


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  • Everything you act on or don't act on is voluntary but it sounds like you should be on medication to keep your voluntary responses in check.

    • That's not really true. The words "involuntary response" exists for a reason.

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    • I never said they did. I said that to refute the statement that "everything you act on or don't act on is voluntary". But a better example is something like MKUltra, but any instance of mind control is similar. When you get drunk, you might also lose some conscious willpower, depending on how drunk you are.

    • @Fugue you're attempts to argue your points are traveling further and further into the abyss. I, meanwhile, am referring to the reality of the askers post. Any desire he has to "do something bad" or "shoot someone" or use his "strong will" not to, are in fact all voluntary. So again, everything HE acts on is in fact voluntary.

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  • On relatively rare occasions I've had to harm others as they were attempting to harm me. No other options were available. I never enjoyed doing it, but never regretted it either.

  • My sister. I've had both voluntary and involuntary.

    I punched a kid on a bus in 7th grade

  • I could strangle some people in govt. to support disabled rights

    But I'm normally not violent