Problem with a Guy?

A guy came up to me recently while i was eating lunch at school and asked for my address. I asked why did he want it. He said, " To get my d**k sucked. " i immediately felt disrespected. It occurred in front of a guy that I really like. I guess what i'm asking is do you think that the guy i like has a bad impression of me now? Usually he starts a conversation with me but now he seems hesitant to speak to me.


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  • If he has a problem with you because of it, he's really stupid. Clearly it wasn't your fault, you couldn't know that that guy would tell you that and I think he did disrespect you.

    • So it wasn't a bad impression? why else would he hesitate? usually he talks to me. He isn't shy at all

    • Probably he got a bad impression, but I think that it's really not nice of him, you couldn't know that the guy would say that and I don't think you made a face of someone who liked what that guy said when he said that. Your reaction probably showed that it was his fault, not yours.


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  • Why would he have a bad impression of you? You refused didn't you?

    • Yes but wouldn't you wonder why the guy asked me that? what would you think?

  • I guess he is too shy, maybe you should start a conversation.

    • He isn't shy. I did. He seemed as if he didn't want to talk to me after that.

What Girls Said 1

  • He shouldn't do depending on how you reacted.

    • I told the guy that it was rude to ask such a thing and I walked away