Got jumped, head kind of hurts, should I go to doctors to check for a concussion?

I live in Chicago, so violence isn't a new story. Long story short, I got jumped on my bike yesterday; the guy punched and kicked me in my face about a dozen times and busted my bike. This happened all in traffic. Police reported filed, paramedics checked me out, all that is done. My question is, should I go to the doctors tomorrow to check for any damage to my skull? I have a few bumps on the back of my head but it's not hurting too bad.
Also, if anybody is interested, here is a photo of what I looked like a few moments after it happened lol.


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  • Are your eyes dilating? I would go to a doctor for just in case most of the time when you get kicked in the face you break a bone.

    • It's hard to tell since my eyes are naturally almost always dilated. But the paramedics said it looks like I don't have any broken bones nor did I need stitches, but they always say to make sure you don't have a concussion because that could end badly

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    • Then that lowers the chances of you having a concussion but if you get really bad swelling on your face go talk to a doctor, about any broken facial bones

    • Thanks for MHO hope your feeling better

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  • If you feel something is wrong or not right Go, don't even hesitate or be embarrassed. It is Always better to be safe than sorry down the road.


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  • Just get it checked to reassure yourself


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  • I wouldn't bother, but im not a doctor. Main sign of serious damage that people miss is drowsiness